As a woman with a current happy relationship, I can say that Addict him to you is a catchy and interesting book to read as it did catch my attention despite the fact that I am really satisfied with my own relationship right now.  Addict him to you serves as a relationship and personality bible for each and every kind of ladies out there.  Whether a woman is single, Addict him to you also provided fun and interesting sections for single girls to be able to catch their preferred guy’s attention and to keep the …married, in a relationship, happy or not, and satisfied or not; Addict him to you provides relevant and sensible tips and explanation on how one should act to every situation and scenario.

Addict him to you made its unique way of getting a reader’s attention without the bored feeling.  Reading Addict him to you feels like chatting with a good girl best friend.  Addict him to you discusses everything, from the usual dilemma of women up to the most complicated part of dealing with men.  Addict him to you also gives useful tips and facts that seem to be surprising as even a married woman will be unaware that such scenario do exist.

Addict Him to You

Addict Him to You – eBook


For me personally, Addict him to you is a big help for me to be able to offer something new and interesting to my partner.  That is actually my main concern, a good way to keep my man and avoid him from being sick and tired of living with me.  The dating tips also helped and my favorite part is the portion that discusses on how to be the best girl friend.  I strongly believe that the specific portion mentioned works well with every woman in any kind of personality.

Addict him to you might not be suitable to a girl who is not open to try out new things and ideas.  Those girls who stick with their notions that they already have a happy relationship and that there is no need to for them to make efforts to make their guys happy will not find Addict him to you useful.  Addict him to you does require a reader to be more open minded and ready to learn new things each and every time.

Addict him to you also provided fun and interesting sections for single girls to be able to catch their preferred guy’s attention and to keep the attention and interest on their hands.  Addict him to you teaches one to put a bit of effort but not too obvious for a man to think that a woman is trying too hard to be a good partner for him, which makes them bored with the whole relationship.

Right now, my relationship is happier and more exciting than ever.  My guy seems to be more satisfied and happy as well.  Although, he does not say it, it is very evident that he loves me more  now than before as he shows how much he wants to spend longer bonding time with me.

If I will ever have a chance to meet the author of Addict him to you, I will have nothing to say but a big thank you and tell her that she did the best work on helping each and every woman all around the world to have a great personality as a woman, and be the best partner every want will dream to have.


If you buy Addict Him to You will get three books for free

Human Lie Detector

Cheating Neutralizer

Reflexive Attraction

Addict Him Package

Addict Him Package

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